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ECCOMAS Thematic Conferences

The main ECCOMAS conferences are complemented with more focused thematic conferences, organized on odd years, on state-of-the-art topics in computational science and engineering. They are organized with the support of ECCOMAS and they attract overall about 3,000 participants. The success story of ECCOMAS Thematic Conferences started in 2003 with 8 Thematic Conferences, which were followed by:

  • 16 Thematic Conferences in 2005
  • 24 Thematic Conferences in 2007
  • 23 Thematic Conferences in 2009
  • 25 Thematic Conferences in 2011
  • 23 Thematic Conferences in 2013
  • 25 Thematic Conferences in 2015
  • 35 Thematic Conferences in 2017
It is anticipated that more than 30 Thematic Conferences will be organized in 2019.

These Thematic Conferences take place all over Europe. Their enormous success has expanded the visibility of ECCOMAS on a global scale and opened its frontiers to the rest of the world. The Thematic Conferences have set up a model which other national and regional associations are trying to adopt.

ECCOMAS supports each thematic event by providing a template for preparation and printing of the Announcement Brochure (leaflet). Support is also provided in the general dissemination of the conference via the regular ECCOMAS channels (web page, dissemination at conferences, mailing announcements etc.). The financial arrangements for each event are the responsibility of the conference organisers. Organizers of each thematic event should give special relevance to the ECCOMAS corporate identity on the website of the event, as well as offer a reduced registration fee to ECCOMAS members .

There is a distinction between an "established " Thematic Conference and a "new " Thematic Conferences (TCs on new topics or TCs which were not organized more than twice in a series before). The established TCs are accepted automatically, whereas the new TCs are subject of the open call .

A template for the ECCOMAS Thematic Conferences is available here .

A template for the ECCOMAS - IACM Conferences is available here .

Materials text: The template materials are compressed in .zip format. You will find the layout file in Indesign CS5 and the fonts required.

A template for the TC report form  is available here

ECCOMAS Thematic Conferences 2015 Summary Report.

Book series by Springer : The book series by Springer is available here .