Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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New ECCOMAS Thematic Conferences – Open Call for 2021

Since 2003 ECCOMAS has supported the organization of Thematic Conferences. These Thematic Conferences are envisaged to form a series, with editions that are organized on a biennial basis, taking place in odd years (see

The ECCOMAS Managing Board has decided to launch a call for proposals for new ECCOMAS Thematic Conferences commencing in 2021.


This call refers to new Thematic Conferences, i.e. Thematic Conferences on new topics or Thematic Conferences that have not been organized more than twice in a series before.

Proposals for Thematic Conferences can be submitted by any of ECCOMAS’ Member Associations or by any individual members of these associations. Proposals have to be sent to the ECCOMAS Secretariat in Barcelona ( before May 15, 2019. Proposals must include the following information: title of conference, place and date, organizers, scope, scientific/technical areas covered, and expected number of participants.

Acceptance of a proposal for an ECCOMAS Thematic Conference is subject to approval by the Managing Board. The Managing Board decides on the proposals in its annual meeting on June 2, 2019.


Please note that the general aim of the ECCOMAS Thematic Conferences is to provide a forum for discussion of advances in specialized topics. Therefore it is recommended to limit the number of parallel sessions allowing as many participants as possible in each session.

ECCOMAS will support each Thematic Conference by providing a template for the Announcement Brochure. Support will also be provided in the general dissemination of the conference via the regular ECCOMAS channels (web page, emails, dissemination at conferences, etc.). For the 2021 editions, the contribution to ECCOMAS by the approved Thematic Conferences is as follows:

  • fewer than 100 participants: € 1,000;
  • between 100 and 200 participants: € 1,500;
  • more than 200 participants: € 2,500.

This contribution is not required for conferences without registration fees. Conference organisers are responsible for the financial arrangements pertaining to their event.

We would be grateful if you could disseminate this information among the members of your national or regional association.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,


Prof. Michal Kleiber                                                   Prof. Harald Van Brummelen

President of ECCOMAS                                           Secretary of ECCOMAS