Friday, May 20, 2022
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ECCOMAS Congresses

Last Call:

. ECCOMAS Congresses are organized in a four year cycle. 

Proposals. At least the following items must be included:
  • Place and date
  • Organisers
  • Congress site facilities
  • Schedule of the congress
  • Hotel facilities
  • Social programme
  • Budget
The Selection Committee. The proposals will be evaluated by the Managing Board of ECCOMAS. If necessary, a short list of selected candidates will be requested to present their proposals in person during the following Managing Board meeting.

Contribution. The contribution of ECCOMAS Congress to ECCOMAS is €30,000 (€40,000 starting 2020). ECCOMAS supports participation of young scientists with a total amount of €20,000. 

Rules for nomination and selection of Plenary and Semi-Plenary Lecturers on Congresses and Conferences. One half of the Plenary and Semi-plenary speakers are disposed by the MB and one half by the local organizers of an ECCOMAS congress or conference. For congresses or conferences jointly organized with other associations, e.g. WCCM, corresponding rules have to be applied.

For the selection of speakers nominated by the MB, an ad-hoc Voting Committee (VC) will be appointed by the MB. The VC consists of 5 representatives selected by the MB, which are not eligible to be candidates for a plenary or semi-plenary speaker. The VC collects nominations from the core groups of the Technical Committees and makes the final decision. The VC informs core groups and MB on its decision.

The MB can provide guidelines regarding the selection criteria, e.g. scientific field, quality, geographical region, age (involvement of young scientists), gender, etc., but the MB should not make pre-decisions.

If the nominations of the core groups do not reflect a sufficient representation of the underlying criteria, the VC is eligible to add further candidates in consultation with the core groups of the Technical Committees.