Friday, May 20, 2022
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ECCOMAS Olympiads

ECCOMAS PhD Olympiads

  • Guideline for the organization of an ECCOMAS Olympiad:
Olympiads are generally jointly organized with ECCOMAS Young Investigator Conferences in odd years or with ECCOMAS Congresses and ECCM/ECFD Conferences, respectively, in even years. The following guidelines are proposed:

Each ECCOMAS member associations can nominate its candidate for the ECCOMAS best PhD thesis award. All these candidates will be invited to the Olympiad by its organizers. The two ECCOMAS PhD awardees can be replaced by the respective associations. In case someone declines to take part to the Olympiad, the respective association may provide a substitute.

The local organizers of the Olympiad are responsible for this process including the decision on the number of participants of the Olympiad and the inquiry of the member associations.

A complimentary registration to the conference where the Olympiads are held will be offered to all the finalists of the ECCOMAS best PhD thesis award.

  • Evaluation rules for best presentations of an ECCOMAS Olympiad:
  1. The ECCOMAS Olympiad consists of scientific presentations of research results included in outstanding PhD theses, carried out within ECCOMAS member associations. However, it is emphazised that only the overall quality of the presentation is evaluated according to the indications outlined in point 4, since the contents of the PhD theses are already considered for the related ECCOMAS PhD awards.
  2. The organization of the Olympiad’s sessions and the duration of the presentations (minimum 20 minutes) are decided by the local organizers.
  3. The evaluation committee for an Olympiad consists of three referees: Typically, one is indicated by the local organizers, one by the ECCOMAS Executive Committee, and one by the core group of the ECCOMAS Young Investigator Committee. It should be tried that they represent the main scientific subjects of ECCOMAS.
  4. In assessing the quality of the presentations, the evaluation committee should explicitly take into account the following attributes:
    -quality of the talk;
    -clarity of the slides;
    -communication to the audience;
    -scientific interest;
    -reference and credit to works of others.
  5. The evaluation committee selects the two best overall presentations following the only criterion of excellence, according to the indications above. If appropriate, they might represent different scientific areas of ECCOMAS.