Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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ECCOMAS Announcements


Open Call 2018:

Ludwig Prandtl  and Leonhard Euler Medals


Rules for the Prandtl and Euler Medals 2018


1) The Award Committee, which acts independently of the Managing Board, is formed by the seven recent medallists, the last Zienkiewicz and Lions awardees, four representatives of the Technical Committees and a representative of the Young Investigator Committee. These members are neither eligible for an award nor allowed to nominate candidates.

2) Eligibility. The candidates shall be scientists with outstanding contributions in the fields of ECCOMAS as follows: 

Leonhard Euler Medal

The Euler Medal is awarded for outstanding and sustained contributions in the field of Computational Solid and Structural Mechanic

Ludwig Prandtl Medal

The Prandtl Medal is awarded for outstanding and sustained contributions in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics.

3)Candidates for these ECCOMAS Awards can be nominated by every individual member of ECCOMAS or by its member associations. Self-nominations are not admissible and the name of the nominator will not be visible during the selection process.

4) If less than four candidates are nominated, the Secretary asks the Managing Board and Executive Committee for additional nominations within 2 weeks after the original deadline. A suspension of awarding an ECCOMAS Award is possible.

5) Decision on the ECCOMAS Medals will be taken by the Award Committee before April 8, 2018.

6) The 2018 Edition of the ECCOMAS Medals will be conferred at the ECCCM-ECFD 2018 Conference that will take place in Glasgow, UK, on June 11-15, 2018.

7) Deadline for receiving candidates for the Medals is February 19, 2018 . At this stage, nominations should only include the names and affiliations of the nominees and the name of the nominators. At a later stage nomination sheets will be asked for. The nominations should be sent to:


ECCOMAS Secretariat in Barcelona

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