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ECCOMAS PhD Awards - 2006


The meeting of the Evaluation Committee for the ECCOMAS award for the best PhD theses 2006 was held on May 4th, 2007 at CIMNE, Barcelona. As an answer to the call for tender, 19 theses were nominated by the ECCOMAS member associations.

After a detailed discussion, a secret voting was held in two phases. First, after a secret voting the number of thesis was reduced from 19 to 6. Then the committee ranked the 6 theses evaluating the different aspects of each and unanimously agreed on selecting 2 out of these 6 theses as the winners.

The two winners are:
  • Dr. Per Heintz (Chalmers University of Technology, Goteborg, Sweden) for the thesis “Finite Element Procedures for the Numerical simulation of Crack Propagation and Bilateral Contact
  • Dr. Santiago Badia (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain) for the thesis “Stabilized pressure segregation methods and their application to fluid-structure interaction problems

These theses are outstanding works in Computational Methods combining excellent knowledge of both theory and practice.

All nominees will be recognized by a special diploma that will be sent directly to the candidate.

The list of finalists selected by the local-regional ECCOMAS Association is the following:

  • Pietro Rini (BNCM Belgium) Analysis of Differential Diffusion Phenomena in High Enthalpy Flows, with Application to Thermal Protection Material Testing in ICP Facilities
  • Miha Zaloznik (CEACM) Central Europe Modeling of Macrosegregation in Direct Chill Casting
  • Eero Immonen (FMS Finland) State Space Output Regulation Theory for Infinite-dimensional Linear Systems and Bounded Uniformly Continuous Exogenous Signals
  • Grégory Legrain (CSMA France) Extension of the X_FEM Approach to Large Strain for the Simulation of Fracture in Hyperelastic Materials
  • Vincent Levasseur (GAMNI France) Large Eddy Simulation in a Stabilized Finite Element Framework: A Variational Multiscale Approach
  • Sigrid Leyendecker (GACM Germany) Mechanical Integrators for Constrained Dynamical Systems in Flexible Multibody Dynamics
  • Oliver Rheinbach (GAMM Germany) Parallel Scalable Iterative Substructuring: Robust Exact and Inexact FETI-DP Methods with Applications to Elasticity
  • Dimitrios I. Papadimitriou (GRACM Greece) Adjoint Formulations for the Analysis of Turbomachinery Cascades and Optimal Grid Adaptation using a Posteriori Error Analysis
  • Yingyan Li (ISSEC Ireland) Factors Affecting the Dynamic Interaction of Bridges and Vehicle Loads
  • Oren Lavan (IACMM Israel) Seismic Behavior and Control of irregular Structures: Energy Approach
  • Federico Manganiello (AIMETA) Italy A Computational Model of the Human Cornea: A Predictive Approach to Refractive Surgery
  • Marco Prato (SIMAI Italy) Regularization methods for the Solution of Inverse Problems in Solar Plasma Physics
  • Alexander van Zuijlen (NMC Netherlands) Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations
  • Jacek Smolka (PACM Poland) Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer Process within Selected Electrical Transformers
  • Natalia Gennadevna (ONIV Russia) Evaporation and Destruction of a Meteoric Body in the Atmosphere
  • Santiago Badia (SEMNI Spain) Stabilized Pressure Segregation Methods and their Application to Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
  • Ana Maria Ferreiro Ferreiro (SEMA Spain) Development of Post-Process Techniques for Hydrodynamic Flows, Modelling of Sediment Transport Problems and Numerical Simulation using Finite Volume Techniques
  • Per Carl Johan Heintz (NoACM Sweden) Finite Element Procedures for the Numerical Simulation of Crack Propagation and Bilateral Contact
  • Chenfeng Li (ACME UK) Stochastic Finite Element Modelling of Elementary Random Media