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ECCOMAS PhD Awards - 2009

ECCOMAS Award for the Best Ph.D Theses of 2009

The meeting of the Evaluation Committee for the ECCOMAS award for the best PhD theses 2009 was held on April 9th, 2010 at CIMNE, Barcelona. As an answer to the call for tender, 17 theses were nominated by the ECCOMAS member associations. The Evaluation Committee was composed by N.E. Wiberg (chairman), W. Wall. J. Périaux and P. Díez (secretary). 

After a detailed discussion, a secret voting was held in two phases. First, after a secret voting the number of thesis was reduced from 17 to 8. Then the committee ranked the 8 theses evaluating the different aspects of each and unanimously agreed on selecting 2 out of these 8 theses as the winners. 

The two winners are:

  • Dr. Rubén Sevilla (Spain) for the thesis “NURBS-Enhanced Finite Element Method (NEFEM)
  • Dr. Elie Hachem (France) for the thesis “Stabilized Finite Element Method for Heat Transfer and Turbulent Flows inside Industrial Furnaces” 

These theses are outstanding works in Computational Methods combining excellent knowledge of both theory and practice. 

All nominees will be recognized by a special diploma.

Nils-Erik Wiberg
President of the Evaluation
Committee for the ECCOMAS PhD Award